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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Institute for Priestly Formation.

In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI addressed priests and said, “A priest must really be a man of God, he must know God intimately and know him in communion with Christ and so we must live this communion. Our being, our life and our heart must be fixed in God, in this point from which we must not stir.” Just recently in November of 2011, the Holy Father addressed similar words to the clergy, “The minister of the Gospel then is he who lets himself be drawn by Christ, who knows how to ‘remain’ with him, who enters into harmony, in intimate friendship, with him, that all be done ‘as God wishes’ (1st Peter 5:2), according to his will of love, with great interior freedom and profound joy of heart.”

The Holy Father’s words capture the Church’s vision for priestly formation: to know God intimately, to experience radical communion with Christ, and to live from this communion. The Institute for Priestly Formation was founded for this very purpose. Our mission is simple: to serve the renewal of the priesthood in such a way that all priestly formation, for both priests and seminarians, leads to, and derives its source from, this intimate “communion with Christ.”

As you get to know us through our website, you will find information about the programs we offer, as well as how we serve priests, seminarians, and seminaries. Everything we do, from our programs to the resources we offer, is geared to help seminarians and priests “know God intimately” and “live from this communion.”

A seminarian who participated in a recent summer program for seminarians spoke about his experience in this way, “Do you want to go deeper with God? Come to IPF. Learning how to pray has helped me fall in love with God. My life has changed. I can finally rest in discernment.”

Now in our seventeenth year, the Institute for Priestly Formation has served over 2,000 seminarians and priests from over 150 different U.S. dioceses and 24 international dioceses. These blessings move us to gratitude for the bishops, vocation directors, seminary personnel and other friends who have been and continue to be so supportive of our mission.

I pray that you enjoy your visit to our website as you get to know us. May the Holy Spirit light the way as we continue to serve our Lord to help provide the Church with priests who are shepherds after the heart of the Good Shepherd.

Father Richard J. Gabuzda
Executive Director
The Institute for Priestly Formation