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Hosting an IPF Reception

We are honored and delighted that you are interested in hosting a fundraising event in celebration of IPF’s 25th Anniversary.  This is your event but IPF would love to assist you in whatever need you might have to make it the event you envision.

IPF Toolkit Resources


Check out the resources above.  Please let our office know the date and format of the event and if you would like a staff person to attend or if you need other assistance or materials.  We would be happy to provide them to you!  Contact Linda at 402-280-3901 or email her.

IPF Event Illustrations

Your event might take on a format like one of the following examples – or it might be something entirely unique to you!

1)  A Spiritual Mom, who takes every opportunity that presents itself to share with others her experiences of praying for her adopted spiritual son, might want to invite other women into the experience.  She might ask IPF to provide a speaker at one of her monthly parish Women’s Guild meetings to provide education on the history, work, and mission of the Institute.  She might also share her story of her involvement with IPF, suggesting to members they sign up to be Spiritual Moms for the next summer’s seminarians, and to leave a donation in the basket on their way out following the talk.

2)  Another way to help is to sponsor a letter campaign. Perhaps you could use your “Christmas Card List”, writing a letter explaining why you feel so deeply about the work of spiritual formation that the Institute carries out, and encourage friends to help financially in the support of the mission of IPF.  IPF can create, print, and mail the letters from their offices, if that’s helpful.  Following the mailing, follow up phone calls and emails encouraging friends to prayerfully consider donating to IPF would be even more helpful! (see the toolbox for a sample letter)

3)  Create a “Go Fund Me” account.  Perhaps you know someone whose call to the priesthood became so much more profound during his summer at IPF.  You might want to do something to “pay it forward”, financially making it possible for another seminarian to attend the following summer.  Set a goal of $1500 (the difference in what dioceses pay and the actual cost of the program).  

4)  An alumni who continues to draw from the graces received during the program might host a “Morning of Reflection” in his parish giving his parishioners a “taste of IPF” regarding prayer using some of the tools he learned during his participation in the seminarian program.  At the end of the event, the priest might relate his IPF experience.  He might ask for a free-will offering from those in attendance and donate it to IPF. 

5)  Perhaps an alumnus has friends in his parish who have been blessed with financial resources and are interested in supporting Catholic causes.  He might ask his friends to sponsor a dinner in their home inviting similarly minded friends to join them.  The alumni, on fire from his experience at IPF, might share his experience.  During the evening they might show the IPF video and invite attendees to consider being partners in mission.

6)  Consider partnering with a friend to co-host a “wine and cheese” fundraising event in your home.  Create a guest list and ask guests to donate $25 to IPF (whether they can come to the event or not).  Perhaps you can invite an alumni priest to attend and offer an in-home Mass followed by the IPF video presentation and a testimony of what IPF has done for him.  

7)  You might also consider hosting a fundraiser in your home and having an IPF alumni “Skype in”.  After friends gather around the TV (perhaps following a pot luck dinner), the guest priest could relate his story of involvement with IPF via the internet.   Those in attendance could be asked to join the $25/Month Club and might be given pledge cards to complete (either that night or to be mailed into the IPF offices).  Guests could leave with not only their cleaned serving dishes and full stomachs, but also a packet of information regarding IPF.


Be creative!  Be you!  Let the IPF office know if and how we can help you in your desire to financially support the Institute during its 25th Anniversary year and to help others to learn more about its important work and mission for our Church.