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Spiritual Moms

The response has been outstanding this year!  All seminarians have been assigned a specific "one-to-one" mom; that option is no longer available.  Thank you!

However, we still need praying women!  Please fill out the form below to register as a "General" mom.


What is a Spiritual Mom?

Spiritual Moms are women who agree to pray intercessory prayer for the seminarians attending the IPF Summer Program for Spiritual Formation for Diocesan Seminarians at Creighton University in Omaha.

Some women are matched “one-to-one” with a specific seminarian. Others are “general” prayer Moms and receive the names of all the seminarians. Moms are asked to pray one “Hail Mary” for either their specific seminarian sons or for a few seminarians on the list each day.

How do I become a Spiritual Mom?

For more information about the Spiritual Mom program, this brochure will give you further details, including the history of the Spiritual Moms program.

When is Friends Night this year?

Friends Night will be Wednesday, July 17, 2019. Read more about Friends Night in the brochure.