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Spiritual Moms - Week 2

June 3 - June 9, Week 2


Week 2 : During their eight-day silent directed retreat (Friday evening June 1st through Saturday morning June 9th), seminarians meet once a day with a spiritual director, come together for Mass and for a brief evening conference; otherwise, they remain in silence for eight days.

Week 2 - Prayer Intention: To receive the graces of the eight-day retreat

As we pray for each seminarian, let us become like children entrusting ourselves to Mary through her Immaculate Heart to infuse our hearts with purity and to walk hand in hand on the meek and humble path to Jesus from whom all the hidden things of heaven are revealed.

The following Prayer of Consecration is recited by the seminarians and all present at the conclusion of every IPF daily Mass:

As the Father has chosen you, O Mary,
to be His Immaculate Child,
Joseph's spouse,
and the Mother of His beloved Son,
and of the whole Church,
so we choose you this day as Mother,
to guide our lives;
and we consecrate to you our souls and our bodies,
all that we do and all that we have,
without exception.
Help us, in union with your Spouse, the Holy Spirit,
to receive the Father into the depths of our hearts,
the place of communion and discernment.
Help us to stay in communion with your Son's mysteries,
especially the mystery of His spousal gift.
Intercede for us,
so that Jesus might live this mystery again in us.
Pray that we might become obedient sons and daughters,
eager to do only the will of our loving Father.

Adapted, with permission, from the Congregation of Saint John, Laredo, Texas