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Spiritual Moms - Week 7

July 8 - July 14, Week 7


Week 7 Course: Begin New Course called "The Mystery of the Liturgy: Receiving in Celebration and in Life" (a course on "liturgical spirituality" which helps connect personal and liturgical prayer)

Week 7 - Prayer Intention: To experience the relationship between personal prayer and liturgical prayer

"The Hail Mary well said - that is, with attentive devotion and modesty - is the enemy of the devil which puts him to flight, and the hammer which crushes him."
- St. Louis de Montfort

Friends Night is next Wednesday, July 18th!

If you are a one-to-one Spiritual Mom, you should have received an email invitation to Friends Night at the beginning of this week asking for an RSVP.

If you have responded to it, THANK YOU!

If you have NOT responded to the email invitation, please do so. It is imperative that Anne Pogge, IPF's Spiritual Moms Coordinator, knows if you are planning to attend. We need EVERY seminarian to meet his "mother". If you were assigned to a specific seminarian son but cannot attend, a "substitute" mom will be paired with your son for the evening.

If you are praying for all the seminarians, not just one assigned to you, please let Anne know if you are coming and would be willing to serve as a substitute mom for the evening. Please email