What Kind of Priest Do You Want?

Every priest is ordained with a passion for Christ, a deep love for the Church, and a zeal for the priesthood. However, attention to the spiritual life can easily be lost in the midst of the many demands on a priest’s time. This results in a weakened priesthood, leaving the laity hungry for spiritual leadership.

Pope Benedict XVI recognizes the dilemma facing busy priests and proposes, “The way toward a solution to this problem lies in intimate communion with Christ.” In other words, when a priests falls in love, and stays in love, with God it will determine everything in his life.

None of us question the beauty of the priesthood. However, considering the contemporary challenges facing the priesthood, as well as Blessed John Paul II’s exhortation that a renewed priesthood is essential for the “future evangelization of humanity,” the question facing the laity is not, “Do you want the priesthood?” but rather, “What kind of priest do you want?”

What kind of priest do you want hearing your confession?

What kind of priest do you want anointing your aging parents?

What kind of priest do you want forming the souls of your grandchildren?

Perhaps the next priest of your parish is waiting to be served. What kind of priest do you want?

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