Our Purpose

Pastores Dabo Vobis, no. 2 reminds priests of the importance of their ministry. “The formation of future priests … is considered by the Church one of the most demanding and important tasks for the future of the evangelization of humanity.”

Responding to the “one of the most demanding and important tasks” of the Church, the US Bishops promulgated the fifth edition of The Program for Priestly Formation in 2005. PPF, no. 115 states “Since spiritual formation is the core that unifies the life of a priest, it stands at the heart of seminary life and is the center around which all other aspects are integrated.” While already ordained, the wisdom that fashions seminary formation is the same wisdom that offers a blueprint for

If spiritual formation is “at the heart” of seminary formation around “which all other aspects are integrated” Vocation Directors rightfully ask, “What is spiritual formation?”

The Program for Priestly Formation, 5th edition, answers this question of “What is spiritual formation?” In no. 107 the PPF states, “The basic principle of spiritual formation is contained in Pastores Dabo Vobis, no. 45, and is a synthesis of the teachings in Optatam Totius, ‘to live in intimate and unceasing union with God the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit.’”

The purpose of the Institute for Priestly Formation is assist dioceses and seminaries keep spiritual formation at the heart of priestly formation. Thus, the purpose of IPF is to help priests and seminarians to live in “intimate and unceasing union with God.”

Every purpose has a process. In other words, once we know what we want to do we should know how to do it. Click here to learn more about our approach