Retreat for Seminary Faculty

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Our Vision

Seminary theology, as well as philosophy, assists the seminarian to learn about God. In this process, however, it also allows for seminarians and professors to be visited by God in the reverence we experience before truth, in a silence which invites contemplation, and in acts of beholding the beauty found in doctrine and tradition. In other words, seminary theology welcomes an encounter and not simply tenets.

Our vision allows the dignity of the theological vocation to sink deeply into the vulnerable mind and heart so that such a dignity can free the professor to be a lover of God’s grace during the classroom lecture, and in his or her study and writing. Professors that welcome the spirit of prayer into their teaching and study form future priests who welcome that same spirit in their own ministry.

The Retreat for Seminary Faculty: Listening to the Heart of Jesus

During the course of our time together there will be times of solitude spent in ways that deepen your appropriation of the vocation to form seminarians. You will be involved in:

  • Guided meditations and lectures on the vocation of the seminary professor
  • Time for silent prayer, communal prayer
  • Eucharistic liturgy
  • Fellowship
  • Private study and leisure
  • Personal spiritual direction

Our final meal together will be a special luncheon featuring a focus upon and a celebration of our vocation as seminary professors.