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Certificate Requirements

  • To be eligible for a certificate, students must complete all courses with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • No more than one C will be allowed. Incomplete grades must be cleared no later than one year from the start of the course.

 Course Descriptions, Unit 1

 IPF 501 Christian Prayer & Virtue (2 credit hours)

  • A fundamental grounding in the church’s spiritual tradition. An emphasis is placed on the prayerful understanding of interior spiritual movements and the practice of the cardinal virtues in a Christian anthropology of the human heart.

IPF 502 Christian Spirituality & Sexuality (3 credit hours)

  • An integrated approach to understanding and appropriating the relationship between Christian spirituality and human sexuality. An emphasis is placed upon appreciating and living priestly celibacy as a generative gift from God. The readings, lectures and assignments present opportunities for personal integration.

IPF 503 The Spirituality of Diocesan Priesthood (2 credit hours)

  • After a brief treatment of how an active apostolic spirituality developed in the history of Christian spirituality, this course will focus on active apostolic spirituality as typical for diocesan priesthood, finding and serving God in the busy activity of daily life.

IPF 504 The Mystery of the Liturgy: Receiving in Celebration & Life (2 credit hours)

  • An exploration and experience of Christian prayer known through liturgical ritual which leads to the development of attitudes and actions of conversion to the Christian life. This course helps forge and link between personal, private prayer, and the public prayer of the Church.

IPF 505 Theology of the Body I (2 credit hours)

  • This course examines the 129 Wednesday audience addresses that comprise John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” with an emphasis on the importance of the Pope’s project for the new evangelization. Particular attention will be paid to themes such as creation in the imago Dei, fall and redemption, Christian ethics and ethos, freedom and person, gender and vocation.

Integration Seminar: Holy Spirit (non-credit)

  • This seminar is required and is analogous to a comprehensive exam. It meets for fifteen hours in a flexible time frame that sets up a dialectic of prayer, spiritual reading, worship and personal conversion. This fosters personal integration of content from the Unit One IPF 501-504 level courses and is an instrument helping to determine readiness for Unit Two IPF 707. The seminar is facilitated by local diocesan personnel affiliated with IPF. This seminar also serves to strengthen and integrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit received in Christian baptism.

 Course Descriptions, Unit 2

 IPF 707 The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola: Theory & Practice (5 credit hours)

  • Practical experience of the Spiritual Exercises in either the individually directed silent retreat format or the retreat in daily life format. Integration of this experience includes study and reflection on the theology, structure, and application of Saint Ignatius’ biblical evangelical spirituality.