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Apostolic Oblates

Come Adore the Lord!

You are welcome to come to adore the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament on Mondays from 7:15am to 8:45pm at the Bethany of the Apostolic Oblates
6762 Western Ave

Take Dodge Street west to 69th Street and turn north (right). Western Avenue will be several blocks. Turn east (right) onto Western. It is the 3rd house on the north side (left). Light yellow with Mary statue in the front yard.

The Apostolic Oblates are a Secular Institute of pontifical right dedicated to promoting the universal call to holiness and encouraging people to deepen their interior life by adhering unconditionally to the demands of God’s love. Through their consecration to redemptive love and the apostolate of the Pro Sanctity Movement, the Apostolic Oblates strive to cooperate with the mission of the Trinity in the world - that all may become saints!

Pro Sanctity is a worldwide movement rooted in Catholic traditions and dedicated to the universal call to holiness in everyday life.

Within a society that demands much and moves fast, Pro Sanctity strives to provide practical means for all people to respond to the infinite love of God, as we journey together toward heaven.

Our message is simple:
Feed the mind with knowledge of God.
Warm the heart with His Spirit of Love.
Use the hands in service to His people.

“All that I am and do must be a response of love, and must influence everyone in the city, so to speak, and in the nation. Everyone and everything is subject to this law of love that is received and reciprocated.”
-Servant of God Bishop William Giaquinta,
Founder of the Pro Sanctity Movement