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IPF’s Program for Seminarians, focusing on the heartfelt experience of God, includes:

  • Growth in holiness through daily prayer
  • Weekly one-on-one spiritual direction and an individually directed silent retreat
  • Interplay between theology and practical faith
  • Integration of sexuality with celibacy as a generative gift from God
  • Discernment for pastoral leadership
  • Summary of growth and blessings
  • Apostolic service
  • Appreciation of the unique identity of diocesan priests
  • Contemplative leisure


  • The IPF program adapts easily to individual and local diocesan needs.
  • Pastoral years may be integrated with this period of intensive spiritual formation.
  • IPF’s credits may be transferred to supplement pre-theology and theology programs.

For Bishops and Dioceses

  • Provides an intensive period of priestly spiritual formation within an atmosphere of dynamic orthodoxy
  • Fulfills the need for well integrated men growing in holiness and ready to supply appropriate leadership in the Church as priests
  • Fosters an ability in future priests to critique prayerfully our culture in light of Gospel values and the Church’s magisterial teaching
  • Affords a format which adapts easily to local diocesan needs for seminarians
  • Provides encouragement for bishops regarding priestly spiritual formation
  • Saves financial resources through half-price tuition at Creighton University and the transferring of course credits to seminary formation

For Regional and Diocesan Seminaries

  • Relieves the burden of providing additional spiritual formation programs from within already stretched faculty resources
  • Promises help in giving candidates additional spiritual formation while not interrupting existing courses

For Seminarians

  • Provides an experience of integrated learning which fosters heartfelt foundational growth in the Holy Spirit
  • Encourages time for contemplation and leisure
  • Affords an opportunity to earn undergraduate or graduate credit in theology
  • Helps build a spiritual fraternity among future diocesan priests as students come each year from all parts of the United States and beyond

Growth and Blessings

  • At the conclusion of the summer program, each seminarian prepares a “Summary of Growth and Blessings.” This document is prepared in the following manner.
  • During the summer each seminarian keeps a journal.
  • By way of a prayerful process of journal reflection that pertains to each course and component of IPF’s summer program, the seminarian summarizes his interior experience of discerning God’s love.
  • This process of journal reflection is fostered in weekly spiritual direction.
  • Near the end of the summer, a copy of the “Summary of Growth and Blessings” is distributed to the seminarian, asking him to summarize, in a way appropriate to the external forum, the content of his journal pages.
  • A copy of the document is forwarded to the man’s Vocation Director or Director of Seminarians. It is suggested that the appropriate seminary personnel also receive a copy.
  • The document, then, provides not only a fitting conclusion to the IPF experience, but also builds a bridge between the seminarian’s summer experience and his diocesan and seminary life. It provides a foundation for fruitful spiritual conversation.