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  • This course will examine the 129 Wednesday audience addresses that comprise John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” with an emphasis on the importance of the Pope’s project for the new evangelization.
  • Particular attention will be paid to themes such as creation in the imago Dei, fall and redemption, Christian ethics and ethos, freedom and person, gender and vocation.


  • The Human Body, Catholicism, and the Philosophical Project of John Paul II

Part I

  • Establishing an “Adequate Anthropology”
  • Cycle 1: Original Man (reflections on Genesis)
  • Cycle 2: Historical Man (reflections on the Sermon on the Mount and St. Paul)
  • Cycle 3: Eschatological Man (reflections on the resurrection of the body)

Part II

: Applying an “Adequate Anthropology”

  • Cycle 4: Celibacy for the Kingdom (reflections on Matthew 19 and St. Paul)
  • Cycle 5: The Sacramentality of Marriage (reflections on Ephesians 5)
  • Cycle 6: Love & Fruitfulness (reflections on Humanae Vitae)


  • The Theology of the Body and the New Evangelization

Course Hours

  • This five day course intensive contains 30 fifty-minute classroom sessions for two Creighton University/IPF graduate credits.