How We Can Help

From modest beginnings in 1994, the Institute for Priestly Formation has offered programs of spiritual formation for over 2,000 priests and seminarians from 154 United States Dioceses, 38 international Dioceses, and eight religious orders. During the past 17 years IPF has become known for our expertise in priestly formation centered in spiritual formation. In fact, in 2011, the US Bishops asked IPF to serve as a standing consultant to the USCCB Committee for Clergy and Religious Life.

Knowing the many challenges facing seminarians, IPF proposes to help in four important areas:

  1. We can help seminarians receive more in prayer.
  2. We can help seminarians grow in affective maturity.
  3. We can help seminarians with resources uniquely designed to foster priestly identity.

We can help you receive more in prayer.

  • The beauty of a novitiate is that it anchors a man in the particular history and personal charism of his religious order, while at the same time providing a space for intentional spiritual formation. IPF has only summer program in the United States for the spiritual formation of diocesan seminarians. The 10-week program serves as a novitiate of sorts, helping seminarians fall deeply in love with God while at the same time steeping you in the unique spirituality of diocesan priesthood. Click here to learn more about our summer program
  • IPF offers the full Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola in the 30-Day retreat format. The retreat will offer your seminarian the opportunity to fall in love with God, deepen his understanding of his call, and sharpen the skills needed for daily discernment. Click here to learn more about the 30-Day retreat

We can help you grow in affective maturity.

  • While urging seminarians to grow in affective maturity the Program for Priestly Formation, 5th edition, no 76 describes a man of affective maturity as “someone whose life of feelings is in balance and integrated into thought and values; in other words, a man of feelings who is not driven by them but freely lives his life enriched by them.” The PPF continues in no. 77, “Human formation comes together in a particular way in the domain of human sexuality, and this is especially true for those who are preparing for a life of celibacy. The various dimensions of being a human person—the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual—converge in affective maturity, which includes human sexuality. Education is necessary for understanding sexuality and living chastely.” IPF has partnered with the Theology of the Body Institute to encourage seminarians to learn more about Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Click here to learn more about the Theology of the Body Certificate
  • Some seminarians feel led to go even deeper in their spiritual formation. Many feel called to a “spiritual year” at or away from the seminary. Others feel called to compliment their seminary formation with additional spiritual formation. IPF offers a Certificate in Spiritual Formation for seminarians feeling called to more comprehensive spiritual formation. Click here to learn more about the Certificate in Spiritual Formation

We can help you with resources uniquely designed to foster your priestly identity.