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The Institute for Priestly Formation was founded to assist bishops in the spiritual formation of diocesan seminarians and priests in the Roman Catholic Church. The Institute responds to the need to foster spiritual formation as the integrating and governing principle of all aspects of priestly formation. Inspired by the biblical-evangelical spirituality of Ignatius Loyola, this spiritual formation has as its goal the cultivation of a deep interior communion with Christ; from such communion the priest shares in Christ’s own pastoral charity. In carrying out its mission, the Institute directly serves diocesan seminarians and priests as well as those who are responsible for diocesan priestly formation.

The purpose of the Institute for Priestly Formation is assist dioceses and seminaries keep spiritual formation at the heart of priestly formation. Thus, the purpose of IPF is to help priests and seminarians to live in “intimate and unceasing union with God.”

Every purpose has a process. In other words, once we know what we want to do we should know how to do it. Click here to learn more about our approach