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What is a Public Association of the Faithful?

A “public association of the faithful” is an officially recognized body in the Roman Catholic Church, which receives a mission within the Church to achieve the purposes of its “charism” (the gift which the Holy Spirit has given to it).

IPF received this conferral, becoming a Public Association of the Faithful in March 2008. By this confirmation, the Institute for Priestly Formation received worldwide recognition as an official entity of the Roman Catholic Church.

As one of the many graces of existing as a “spiritual family” united more closely to the Church, the Institute has the possibility of gathering members of this “family” who desire to unite themselves more closely to its mission and to receive the spiritual fruits that come from that relationship.

Because Associations of the Faithful have a common purpose congruent with the mission of the Church, only the local bishop, the Holy See or the Bishops’ Conference have the authority to establish a Public Association. The Archbishop of Omaha established IPF as a Public Association of the Faithful so that it may carry on its mission to assist bishops in the spiritual formation of diocesan seminarians and priests.

  • There are two levels of membership: Friends and Associates. Click to learn more about the two levels.
  • If you then feel called to support, nurture, and promote the charism of IPF by offering a concrete expression of availability and co-responsibility in the mission, please complete the application pertaining to your desired level of involvement, either that of a Friend or as an Associate, and mail or email it to our offices.
  • There are no financial dues associated with membership. After the moderators review your application, you will be notified of your acceptance as a Friend or Associate.
  • Details about our mission, our vision and further explanation about membership are provided in booklet form. If you would like a copy of the booklet, please contact us.