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Vision 2025

We’re excited to share with you the news about Vision 2025, the fruit of a year of prayer, conversation and planning, which gives us a sense of how the Lord is calling us to grow in the coming years.

You can read all the details in our recent newsletter.

The Vision gives us a new Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. The planning process also led us to articulate a set of Beliefs and Convictions, helping people know who we are and what we believe in. Finally, the process yielded a list of Major Animating Objectives, four statements that will guide our actions as we move our mission forward with the Lord’s help.

While affirming all our existing programs, Vision 2025 calls for growth in some important ways:

  • Retreats for bishops
  • Retreats for priests 5-10 years ordained
  • Adding another section of our Spiritual Direction Training Program
  • Offering symposia to help seminaries and dioceses respond to the new Program for Priestly Formation

Already this summer, although circumstances forced us to cancel our summer programs, we have several consultations scheduled to begin planning for the first two initiatives listed above.  In June, we will meet with a group of about 10 seminary personnel to take a broad look at our mission and what the Church desires for priestly formation at this time.  Later in June, we will meet with several bishops to pray and discuss what could be included in a new program for the spiritual life of bishops.

We look forward to updating you on these and other initiatives in the coming weeks.

Please keep Vision 2025 in your prayers, that we may follow the Lord’s lead in all things and help set Hearts on Fire for Christ!