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Spiritual Dads

What is a Spiritual Dad?

A Spiritual Dad prays a prayer each day of the summer to ask St. Joseph for his intercession for the faculty member or spiritual director he has been assigned to. The prayer will be provided to each Spiritual Dad on a prayer card. If the Spiritual Dad lives in the Omaha area, he is asked to attend at least one Eucharistic Holy Hour with the staff and participants during the summer program on Wednesday evenings. If the Spiritual Dad lives outside the Omaha area, he is simply asked to pray.


Some men will be matched one-on-one with a staff member or spiritual director. In this case, dads will receive a letter with the name of his particular staff member or spiritual director. At that time, dads will begin to pray for his staff member or spiritual director each day.

Others are given the general list. They will receive the names of all the staff members and spiritual directors and asked to pray for every staff member, by name, over the course of the summer.

What are the expectations for Spiritual Dads?

It is very important for the staff and spiritual directors to commit to their summer ministry without unnecessary interruptions. The first time a Spiritual Dad will make contact with his staff member or spiritual director (if they live in the Omaha area) is at Friends Night and only then, if he is in town (see Spiritual Moms webpage).

We strongly discourage establishing a “social” connection earlier in the summer which may become a distraction.

Please note, after the summer is complete, some of the staff members or spiritual directors and Spiritual Dads continue a friendship. IPF neither encourages nor discourages long-term relationships. If a connection happens which is agreeable to both parties, what a blessing! If not, the prayers of faith-filled men have provided a “dome of grace” which nurtured and protected the IPF faculty and staff during their summer of mutual prayer.

How do I become a Spiritual Dad?

For more information about serving as a Spiritual Dad, contact:
Tina Targy