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Preparation for IPF's New Home Office

Expanding Possibilities

  • IPF participated in a year-long strategic study by an outside professional organization to map the future. It was recommended at the time to move off the Creighton Campus to further establish IPF as a national and locally independent organization.
  • Creighton University gave notice that the Campion House was in need of repurposing and necessary time was given for IPF to relocate.
  • A Building Committee was formed, and a real estate agent was selected. The Building Committee visited multiple properties.
  • The Finance Committee conducted a comparison of other non-profits similar in size to IPF. Research was conducted as to IPF’s financial sustainability, and the decision to buy, rent, or build a new office was examined.
  • A consultation with the IPF Corporate Board took place. They reviewed the research of the Building Committee and gave approval to buy a building.
  • The IPF Foundation Board was also consulted and presented with the research. They also gave approval to buy a building.
  • A Capital Campaign to raise funds is underway and a loan to buy the building was secured.