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The Search

A Yearlong Search for IPF's New Office Building

For most of the last year, 2021, we have been searching for new office space in Omaha.  This past December, with the help of some benefactors and after taking out a loan, IPF purchased a modest one-story office building in Omaha.  We are excited to be moving into our new location in April 2022 (11626 Nicholas Street, Omaha, NE 68154).

The decision that led to this was two-fold:  First, our long-term strategic plan had several emphases: relational, programmatic, and structural.  We wanted to maintain our presence in Omaha, have more independence over daily operations, and secure space for another full-time priest and additional development staff, as well as meeting/catering space, and a chapel for 35 people.

Secondly, our current office building on Creighton's campus is being repurposed by the University in May.  Creighton has been exceptional in giving us office space on campus for decades.  Creighton University is a key relationship in the history of IPF's growth and they continue to help in our transition by giving us ample time to find, and move into, our new office.