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Our Staff


Father Richard Gabuzda, S.T.D.

Executive Director


Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: ipf@creighton.edu


Kathy Kanavy

Director of Spiritual Direction Formation


Telephone: 402-280-5790

Email: ipf@creighton.edu


Father James Rafferty, S.T.D.

Director of Communication and Mission


Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: ipf@creighton.edu


Deacon James Keating, Ph.D.

Director of Theological Formation


Telephone: 402-280-3326

Email: jameskeating@creighton.edu


Kevin Armshaw

Director of Mission Advancement


Telephone: 402-280-3612

Email: kevinarmshaw@creighton.edu



Executive Director of the IPF Foundation


Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: ipf@creighton.edu


Paul Santos, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Director of Finance and Operations


Telephone: 402-280-3760

Email: paulsantos@creighton.edu


Susan Wilson

Summer Programs Coordinator


Telephone: 402-280-2403

Email: suwilson@creighton.edu


Kelsa Brazell

Programs Coordinator


Telephone: 402-280-3486

Email: kelsabrazell@creighton.edu


Anna Drvol

Communications Coordinator


Telephone: 402-280-3932

Email: annadrvol@creighton.edu


Josie Clarey

Administrative Assistant


Telephone: 402-280-1224

Email: josieclarey@creighton.edu


Linda Antonelli

Executive Assistant, Mission Advancement


Telephone: 402-280-3901

Email: lindaantonelli@creighton.edu


Kristi Coughlin

Gift and Database Specialist


Telephone: 402-280-3905

Email: kristicoughlin@creighton.edu


Currently Hiring - Job Description Here

Staff Accountant


Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: ipf@creighton.edu


Michelle Funke

Managing Editor, IPF Publications


Telephone: 402-280-2556

Email: michellefunke@creighton.edu