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Our Staff


Father Brian Welter

Executive Director


Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: ipf@priestlyformation.org


Father Richard Gabuzda, S.T.D.

Director of Programming and Mission


Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: ipf@priestlyformation.org


Kathy Kanavy

Director of Spiritual Direction Formation


Telephone: 531-272-8456

Email: ipf@priestlyformation.org


Father James Rafferty, S.T.D.

Director of Spiritual Formation


Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: ipf@priestlyformation.org


Rachel Wiechelman

Staff Accountant


Telephone: 531-272-8516

Email: rwiechelman@priestlyformation.org


Susan Wilson

Summer Programs Coordinator


Telephone: 531-272-8467

Email: swilson@priestlyformation.org


Tina Targy

Programs Coordinator


Telephone: 531-272-8490

Email: ttargy@priestlyformation.org


Nancy McNulty

Administrative Assistant


Telephone: 531-272-8509

Email: nmcnulty@priestlyformation.org


Michelle Funke

Managing Editor, IPF Publications


Telephone: 531-272-8469

Email: mfunke@priestlyformation.org



IPF Foundation

Mary Buttell

President of the IPF Foundation

Telephone: 402-546-6384

Email: mbuttell@priestlyformation.org



Kim Russell

Executive Assistant to the President of the IPF Foundation


Telephone: 531-272-8476

Email: krussell@priestlyformation.org



Dawn Sledge

Events and Volunteer Coordinator, IPF Foundation


Telephone: 531-272-8498

Email: dsledge@priestlyformation.org


Anna Drvol

Communications Coordinator, IPF Foundation


Telephone: 531-272-8491

Email: adrvol@priestlyformation.org