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Beliefs and Convictions

What we stand for

  1. We believe all people can enter into a personal, intimate relationship with the Trinity.
  2. We believe we are in a unique period in human and Church history in which the faithful are in need of more healthy and holy priests and bishops, who can only live in authentic holiness through prayer and deep, sustained spiritual relationship with the Trinity. 
  3. We believe in the importance of fidelity to the whole of Catholic teaching. 
  4. We believe priests are expected to be experts in the spiritual life and that through their ministry, the faithful can be assisted to draw closer to the living God.
  5. We believe every priest should always feel that he is a disciple on a journey, constantly needing an integrated formation, understood as a continuous configuration to Christ.
  6. We believe priests who are in deep interior friendship with Christ more effectively live out pastoral charity through ministry to the People of God.
  7. We believe  that individual accompaniment is essential to the journey to growth in holiness. 
  8. We believe relationship with Jesus Christ is the integrating and unifying core of all aspects of priestly formation.
  9. We believe priestly celibacy is a gift from Christ that, when lived as a way of love, is spiritual life-giving.
  10. We believe the spiritual teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola can assist all men and women of faith to encounter Christ.  We believe these spiritual gifts, while not exclusively so, are particularly well-suited for the spiritual formation of diocesan seminarians, priests, or those involved in priestly formation.
  11. We believe Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, is our "mother and fountain of life."  We gratefully invoke her untiring intercession for our mission, together with Saint Joseph, "Father of the Interior Life."