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Welcome to the Institute for Priestly Formation.  We are dedicated to assisting seminarians, priests, and bishops to grow in holiness so they may draw others to Jesus Christ.  As the document The Gift of Priestly Formation states: “The first quality that characterizes Christ as true High Priest is his singular closeness to God and to humanity.”  Our desire is that seminarians, priests and bishops, through their own deepening prayer, can be witnesses of that same closeness to God and humanity.

Beginning in 1995, the Institute has offered programs to over 3,000 seminarians, over 700 priests and to many additional vocation and seminary personnel.  While continuing   our programs for seminarians and priests, we are working to expand our offerings with a program to serve bishops and recently ordained priests.  Please take a look at our program offerings on this website.  I also direct your attention to our guiding Beliefs and Convictions that motivate the mission of the Institute for Priestly Formation. 

With the help of many who support our mission, whether financially or with prayer, we are ensuring that the Institute for Priestly Formation can sustain itself in service of the Church for the years to come.

We hope that these programs may be of service to you or those whom you serve. Let us know if we can answer any questions.  We are grateful for your prayers in this important work of priestly formation.

Father Brian Welter
Executive Director
Institute for Priestly Formation