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Retreat Requirements

  • The Institute for Priestly Formation is pleased to offer the Spiritual Exercises, 30-day retreat for diocesan seminarians, diocesan priests and bishops.
  • Preparatory days, retreat conferences and transition seminar conversations focus upon illuminating the unique identity of diocesan priesthood.
  • An affective integration of sexuality within the gift of celibacy as a generative gift from God is emphasized.
  • Prerequisites include:
  1. Participation in two five to eight day silent individually directed retreats.  IPF's summer program of intensive spiritual formation or other shorter directed retreats will also be considered.

    Note: It is important to have at least one, and preferably two, retreats where there are daily meetings with a spiritual director who personally guides and offers suggestions for Scriptures and meditations for the retreat.
  2. Current prayer life consisting of 60-minutes of Scripture based contemplative prayer, every day.
  3. Openness to use of the spiritual senses and entering into imaginative prayer.
  4. Affective maturity and the capacity for transparent self-disclosure and honesty with one’s spiritual director.
  • Exceptions to the aforementioned prerequisites can be discussed if there seems to be equivalent spiritual preparation through life experience.
  • A telephone interview and the completion of an application form are also required.