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Once the application for the Spiritual Exercises has been filled out, each applicant must submit a Spiritual Autobiography to the IPF office in order to complete the application process.  Please take a few minutes to compose a Spiritual Autobiography.  Some aspects that might be addressed include:

  • How and at what age you were formed in the faith?
  • How has your prayer developed over time? Are there persons who have particularly helped you?
  • How have you personally experienced God’s love?
  • What has been your experience of God’s love in times of difficulty, loss or suffering?
  • Please describe your daily prayer routine. Include in this a description of your daily personal prayer (e.g. how long do you usually pray; do you find vocal prayers helpful; do you pray with scripture; do you have a history of imaginative prayer?)

Once you have finished writing your Spiritual Autobiography, you may upload it below, or send them to the IPF office via email or mail.  If there are any questions, please contact the IPF office at 402-546-6384.