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Metro Area Transit

Looking for a ride around town?  Try the bus.

Metro is the main public transportation system in Omaha. Their buses run throughout the city of Omaha and are an easy solution for transport. Metro’s website helps people to find the quickest route between Point A and B. Go to their website and find the “Plan Your Trip” section on the right-hand side of the page. From there, you can enter in your address at Creighton (2500 California Plaza; Omaha, NE 68178) and your destination address or simply a destination name such as "Westroads Mall" or "Old Market", as well as the time you are looking to depart. Metro’s site will provide you with the best route. Rides are $1.25, or take the Adult Express option for $1.50.  Transfers cost an additional $0.25 cents.  Ten ride cards and 30 day passes are also available for purchase.