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Heart of Hope

From Discerning Hearts

Heart of Hope Part 1

The role of the Cross in the Christian life, suffering, prayer and and how it conquers evil

Heart of Hope Part 2 

The agony of emotional suffering and opportunities for deeper union with Jesus; the reason for pastoral ministry

Heart of Hope Part 3 

What is Redemptive Suffering…using love and the energy of love to redirect pain as an intercessory prayer for another…how it makes sense and is no longer meaningless

Heart of Hope Part 4 

The healing hand of Christ, seeing the will of God, and how we suffer love.  The tale of the two criminals on the cross next to Christ on Gologotha.

Heart of Hope Part 5 

The purpose of life, the suffering of humanity and how it relates to the grace of God. Emotional Suffering, Purgation, Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, and Redemption.

Heart of Hope Part 6 

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?  Am I being punished?  Why do the innocent and faithful suffer?  Behold the wood of the cross. The core of redemptive suffering.