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School of Prayer

From Discerning Hearts

School of Prayer Part 1

“Life without prayer has no meaning or points of reference”. The relationship between the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is so essential to our understanding of prayer. The meaning of the Church. Suffering the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the face of God. Do not be afraid, He will teach you happiness.

School of Prayer Part 2 

Faith and reason in the life of prayer. Allowing God to effect our minds, as well as our hearts. If you let God close you will be free…to let him in so close that God prays in you. Letting God’s love be the norm of our culture…in the other and in the poor. The role of silence in prayer and posture of kneeling.

School of Prayer Part 3 

Reflections on the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI – Abraham the great Patriarch who prays in intercession for Sodom and Gomorrah. The mystery of intercessory prayer and God’s great mercy. When we persist in prayer, like Abraham, the more we come to know God and trust in His love for us. How sin corrupts our capacity to receive God’s movement of protection and love. How the sacrifice of Christ opens the door to the mystery. If we can learn how to pray, then we learn how to be loved. How do we pray for others?

School of Prayer Part 4 

Jacob wrestling with Angel. The mystery of the name. We have to let God ask us who we are or will you resist and remain isolated? Our prayer is only going to be fruitful if we surrender ourselves to the question…who are you? Like Jacob, once we give over our name then God can begin to transfigure that name, or in other words, our persons to be more inline with His will, His love, His power. Eventually, in prayer, we have to enter into the struggle…what is really going on in our souls, in our hearts and are our wrestling with God’s love. We yield our identity to God’s love.

The wounding of Jacob by the Angel. It is the symbol of the wound, the opening of the self, which symbolizes an entryway to vulnerability…God is deeply affecting us. God’s love, concern, and fascination with us is how He enters into our being and “wounds” us. If we could “be still” and allow Him to love us, He becomes victorious within us.

The name we yield to God is our heart…the core of our being. At Baptism, we give over our name, so we give the power over to God over us. How the “wrestling occurs” and if we stay in it long enough God “wounds” us, into His hands we commend our “spirits”. How does Jesus transform even this event?

School of Prayer Part 5 

What is the authentic understanding of “intercession” in the context of prayer. Moses speaks to God as friend. The invisibility of God puts deep questions in our hearts. Unless we have the intimacy of relationship with God in our hearts, our fear will overwhelm our faith. We also lose patience when waiting for God. “Waiting” is a dangerous period for human beings; it is literally suffering for us. The virtue of patience is the remedy. “Waiting” causes us to run to other diversions…it happens in worship. “Where are you” “Are you real?” “Can I believe what is in the Word?” “Please help me.” If we go deep into our hearts, the content of our waiting becomes the occasion for our intimacy. But if we just feel the pain of waiting, we will go looking for lost gods. It comes down to trust. The role of our memory is so important.

School of Prayer Part 6