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IPF Presents

"Hearts on Fire Benefit"

On April 14th, at 6:00 p.m., the virtual event, "IPF Presents: Hearts on Fire Benefit" was made available on this page.  Thank you for joining us as we showcase the IPF adjunct faculty who assist with the Summer Program for Diocesan Seminarians.  

Raising Funds

Our goal for our virtual event on April 14th is to raise $150,000 for the IPF Summer Program for Diocesan Seminarians. Please help us "fill the gap" with a gift.  Donations made will help offset the gap between what seminarians pay for the program and what the program actually costs to run.


What will the Virtual Event be about?

The virtual event, which will premiere on April 14th, showcases testimonials from adjunct faculty who have been a part of the Summer Program for Diocesan Seminarians, including Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV, Fr. Burke Masters, and Fr. Chris Seith.

Join IPF as we highlight the outstanding adjunct faculty, who continue to serve IPF's mission by returning each summer to provide instruction and spiritual direction to seminarians from across the United States.  Learn how roughly 70 adjunct faculty travel to Omaha each year to provide their expertise and talents for the seminarians in the program.

Our hope is that as you learn about the dedication of these adjunct faculty members, you will see how deeply it can impact the lives of the seminarians who attend each year.  By filling the gap between the costs charged and the actual costs of the program, we can continue to support the work of IPF, which strives to set all hearts on fire for Christ.

Questions? Contact Anna at 531-272-8491 or by email.