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IPF Presents

"Forming Priests to Help Others in Prayer"

A Look Inside the Spiritual Direction Training Program

Raising Funds

Our goal for our virtual event on May 5th is to raise $50,000 for the IPF Spiritual Direction Training Program. Please help tuition costs for priests with a gift.  This will help to defray increasing costs for priests who wish to attend the program.


What is the Spiritual Direction Training Program?

The virtual event, which will premiere on May 5th, showcases testimonials from bishops, alumni, and faculty who have been impacted by IPF’s Spiritual Direction Training Program, including Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Fr. Jeff Eirvin, Fr. Joseph Jacobi, and Fr. Brian Welter.

Join IPF as we bring into focus the heart of spiritual direction - helping people to notice and pay attention to what God is doing in their prayer and their daily lives.  Learn how priests in this IPF program are trained in spiritual direction, with a particular focus on the Rules for the Discernment of Spirits developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola.  

During the virtual event, we will highlight each priest's role as a spiritual father, and how the program helps each participant to establish a project where they fulfill this role by teaching prayer within their home parishes, providing spiritual leadership to those entrusted to their care.  

Finally, we will talk about IPF's desire to serve priests throughout their lives, accompanying them on their spiritual journeys and encouraging them to enter more deeply into encounter with the Lord.  Our hope is that as you learn about this program, you will see how deeply it can impact the lives of those in parishes, dioceses, and seminaries, serving the Church and striving to set all hearts on fire for Christ.

Questions? Contact Kim at 402-280-3905 or by email.