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Holy Spirit Programs Fund

Inspired by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, the Founders of IPF established the Seminarian Spiritual Formation Program, Spiritual Direction Training Program, Spiritual Program for Bishops, and a variety of retreats for clergy. The Holy Spirit fund is an endowed fund established to provide for the future of IPF Programs. The Institute for Priestly Formation in collaboration with Catholic seminaries and dioceses accompanies seminarians, priests, and bishops in holiness and their continuing spiritual growth, so they can more effectively lead others to Christ.

The Holy Spirit Fund is made up of named funds that honor or pay tribute to a family, friend or loved one. You are invited to contribute to this endowed fund by opening a named fund with a minimum gift of $25,000. You may also donate any amount as a gift to an established named fund, as a general recurring gift, as a one-time gift, or as a gift through your will or trust.

For more information contact:
Mary Buttell